Software is a word that can represent a fascinating and complex reality, which implies an important professional preparation.

It is thanks to them that we are able to make our technological ideas "animate" and bring it to life. It means "to generate", to create from nothing, to give existence to anything related to the world of online as of the offline.

A software, by definition, is that complex system of computer information capable of performing the action for which it is programmed.

Without it would not be possible to use a computer, a smart TV, a tablet, a complex system of instructions, a hardware.

For all these reasons, working in this sector requires a high level of preparation and, over the years, Syrus Industry has gained the experience of a leader that has led it to create important software also for different public institutions.

Syrus Industry management software guarantees the optimization of work and time for companies that request it. Time is a scarce resource and working in an optimized way translates into a guarantee of success also in terms of turnover, which is why our solutions are created "to company size", customizable and highly flexible. Our software house can count on programming and marketing professionals up to learning machine resources (see the importance of relying on a good Python programmer)

OUR Software

Our software is in cloud and our CMS does not need to be installed on fixed devices, but can be accessed via the web.

Our cloud software solutions guarantee companies to take advantage of the platforms from any computer, in any place and without limits of simultaneous connections.

This is a great advantage especially in terms of costs and time optimization. Imagine, for example, that you must urgently check an invoice on your cloud management system but you are not in the office and you cannot use your computer. What can happen? You would lose time and opportunities. So the possibility of being able to connect from anywhere e from any device to your in cloud, becomes not only a convenience, but a real resource.

Choosing our solutions in cloud will allow you to always be independent, it does not oblige you to pay additional fees for physical installations on your PCs. You can also count on our team at any time, a team composed also by the best Webmasters in Rome


Syrus Industry is able to create any type of management software, designed for your needs and easy to use, including the most efficient management software for the market. We use state-of-the-art technology platforms, stable and with high security levels (use of u2F), such as those made with mvc frameworks. The mvc frameworks allow us to work keeping every logic belonging to the independent software, which translates into great maintainability and modularity. Thanks to this technology it is possible to customize the program in any way, adding or subtracting parts of code, without having to start from scratch.


Choosing the platform for building an e-commerce site may seem easy, but there are many and one of the most used is Magento. This open source software was launched in 2008 and is based on Zend, a famous open source framework that is used for developing web apps with PHP language writing.


Having also talked about PrestaShop, the question is: why choose Magento? This platform offers various very advantageous services that include excellent marketing tools and product catalog management, because these go perfectly together with SEO optimization, necessary to have the necessary visibility. The features that make it unique and therefore the most downloaded CMS for e-commerce are:

  • The opportunity to compare products
  • Images with enlargements
  • The ability to insert product reviews
  • Possibility to have multiple online stores
  • Localized in multiple languages
  • Multiple currency support
  • Cards with various images
  • View and manage orders as well as reports
  • The ability to send email to multiple addresses at the same time
  • Presence of discounts, promotions and other advantages
  • Account customization

Like any platform, its presentation on mobile devices is excellent, in fact the experience does not change from a computer to a tablet, and is also available in cloud. The delivery of the goods is a big of Magento, because thanks to it you can decide without problems when and how you want the goods to be delivered, creating a real relationship with your customer. Confirming the reliability of the platform, more than 50 billion transactions are performed annually on Magento, making it one of the best e-commerce providers in the world.



Syrus Industry E-Commerce solutions provide not only the realization of the shop, but also its online distribution. Syrus specializes in synchronizing products in real time in the various global marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon and others) and in the various price comparison sites.

The concept of e-commerce is relatively new, especially in Italy, where the digital divide unfortunately still exists, although it is getting thinner and thinner.


When we talk about e-commerce, we go to touch that section of the sale that includes the web as its broadcasting channel, in the form of a site (e-commerce site) or using the various market places that host private listings (Ebay above all).


Opening an online store means keeping up with the times. It means multiplying sales opportunities and above all means reaching an audience that is certainly larger than what you could reach with a physical store.


First of all, with an e-commerce there are no territorial logics: potentially you can sell all over the world and this guarantees direct access to a theoretically infinite number of people. In contrast, the physical store can and will only collect a public geographically located in its area, relying on summer and / or winter tourism.


Syrus Industry offers various solutions for the realization of your E-Commerce.

We guarantee you a complete shop in every function and performing from all points of view.

We use the best online store management platforms, such as the French Prestashop and Magento

E-commerce branded Syrus is simple in the back-end interface, handles payments, alerts via e-mail, sales conditions, warehouse logistics, personalized shipping and product photo galleries.



The product, the desire to do, of course what we need is a platform on which to load all our products with the related cards, prices and photographs. We must therefore start from a "container", able to manage our warehouses, our quantities and to organize our shipments logistically: all in a simple and fast way. Well, this container that will allow us to reach customers even if they are very far from us, exists and is one of our flagships: Prestashop.


PrestaShop is an open source CMS that was born in 2007 with the specific intent to create a platform that was able to manage e-commerce in a complete and reliable way. The CMS uses a PHP language and uses the Smarty template engine for all its themes. This ensures a clear separation between content / graphics and programming elements. The separation of environments has been designed to ensure that various professional resources can interface with the platform, without hindering or necessarily being constrained.


The web designer will be able to take care of the graphics working on the template and CSS files; the developer will be able to manipulate the PHP data as regards the structural development of the theme; the customer can instead manage the editorial part. This modular system makes Prestashop one of the most attractive and used technologies for the development of e-commerce. Prestashop also has the possibility of being able to count on an active community that contributes daily to the improvement and updating of the themes and their functionality.



Founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress is today one of the most widely used personal publishing and content management system (CMS) platforms in the world.


Developed in PHP with MySQL database, it guarantees flexibility, stability and maximum extensibility. One of its strengths is that of being able to adopt a vast number of plugins (free or paid), which make the WordPress environment unique in its kind.


Plugins are able to transform what used to be a simple site of textual content, into something absolutely more complete and qualitatively at the top. From 2003 to today it has become a useful platform for the creation of sites that, although simple to use, do not deny professionalism.


One of the most important aspects to consider is undoubtedly that of its great capacity to adapt to the updates of its versions and to the updates of the same plugins. Each platform update can be perfectly integrated and does not require the intervention of external technicians. This guarantees the maximum autonomy of the customer in managing the website. One of the most interesting features is that of the Multi-User. WP allows you to create only one blog for each installation, even if different installations can coexist on the same server and in the same domain, in separate directories and databases. WordPress Multi-User or MU is the multi-blogging platform derived from WordPress. It allows managing a network of blogs with a single installation, all managed through a single panel. Although it is not supported by the core, it is also possible to have multiple WordPress installations that share the same users and the same database with a single authentication. From Version 3.0 the WordPress and WP MU versions are integrated as by modifying the wp-config.php file it is possible to activate the network mode in your WordPress installation. Syrus Industry within its team can boast the presence of numerous resources trained on this technology, guaranteeing a 360 ° management from the installation of a template to its administration.

Framework refers to a logical support architecture in computer science that is used for software development. The framework is a very important tool for a developer, as it allows to design and build a software based on logical implementations to start from. A framework is defined as a set of abstract classes and their relationships. At its base there are code libraries that are often accompanied by different support tools for the finished development of a software. It is used in order to create a general infrastructure, thus saving the programmer from having to rewrite entire portions of code for operations similar to that written previously.


One of the most used Frameworks is undoubtedly Zend Framework, an open source framework written in PHP language. Released with a BSD license and better known as ZF, this development framework is modular, secure, extendable, can count on a large community and its performances are always at the top. Zend is basically an open source web application framework that contains a set of reusable components for creating a web-based application. This framework is distinguished from the others by its "compartmentalized" logic: each part is perfectly independent and even in their hypothetical combination, integration is perfect, powerful and easy to learn. The documentation to which to refer for possible problems is also very vast and, moreover, its structure guarantees wide freedom of use without excessive restrictions. Many brands have used Zend Framework to create many of the software used. Just take a look at the homepage of the site dedicated to the framework to read partners such as: BBC, CISCO, Centroy and many others.

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