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When you decide to enter the wonderful world of online means to deal with specific logic and techniques to shout to the world that we are here. Having an online website done well and appealing does not coincide with having traffic! What is one of the most common (and complicated) ways to put the "megaphone" on our website? One of the answers is SEO, an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. The SEO is a set of actions that improve the organic positioning (so no fee, for info see Adwords).


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Every day Google launches hundreds of new algorithms that influence the search results of users who query the search engine. 

Being able to "intercept" those algorithms to "scale" positions and get to the first page of Google is not a simple task but it is an essential tool for those who want to be found without paying (also called SEM, search engine marketing). Because this is necessary to rely on SEO consultants who know the positioning techniques and know how to plan a good SEO strategy, because only a simple creation of websites is not enough!

Syrus Industry is a SEO consulting agency in Rome and in the international territory since 1999.

We have twenty years of experience in the field proven by countless success stories and hundreds of important projects that still persist in our history as Web Agency Seo. We have experience in Link Building worldwide, we have become a content management factory and we use the most advanced and innovative technologies every day to get the most out of our websites on the search engine (find our recommended SEO tools)


SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization.The definition of SEO on the Internet is that set of activities aimed at indexing a site on Google and in general improving the positioning of the pages of a website in the Search Results. In the same field of SEO, another acronym is placed, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), to define the marketing activities aimed at search engine users. Search engines are the development environments for SEO strategies and SEM strategies, taken into consideration by those who design, build and manage Internet activities on their own behalf and for third parties. 

What is SEO and how does it work?

The definition of SEO also takes into consideration a study and analysis activity of the "best practices" suggested by the search engines (Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc.), so that the suggestions of the search engines and the rules for Webmasters are respected . A "best practice" is a good practice to manage an SEO optimization activity.

Who asks how to do SEO on the Internet must first of all study the guides for Webmasters about search engine optimization techniques, even if there is no official "SEO Guide".

SEO first of all is a technical activity. An Internet site is composed of a network of URLs that search engines index in their results. by doing a search on Google, the user can access the URLs of the Internet site that was found in the search. Google, for example, in its Webmaster Guide and in Google's Search Engine Optimization Getting Started Guide, defines exactly how a web page should be hosted in a URL, how to write tags and meta tags of web page, how to place content (text, images, videos, advertisements), how to set up interactions with social networks (Google Plus / "Google+", Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter - to name a few) and how optimize the speed of the Internet site. It is a series of parameters that the search engine interprets according to the positioning on the search engines to be established in its Results.


Do-it-yourself SEO is not recommended unless you have a long experience in the field of Internet SEO. Searching the Internet about "tricks" and other tricks to get first on Google can be

Self-defeating: who tells his story about how to do SEO on Google, it's just his story and can be different with the story we're trying to write. An overrated technique to get first on Google is that of link building: on the Net, there are millions of discussion pages that tell how to do SEO with links, based on the interpretation that Google would have about the links that are destined to a website. "Link building" (SEO link network) is one of the most counterproductive techniques that can expose a website to a serious Google penalty for reasons of violation of Google's policy on the links to the site's URLs.

A good Webmaster must keep up to date with the official Webmaster guides and apply the search engine optimization measures. SEO on a search engine like Google can boast of the collaboration that Google offers to Webmasters, instructing them on how to build a website with good SEO, and keeping them updated on their indexing systems. The SEO is not a science and it is necessary to study and carry out research repeatedly, in order to stay up to date and keep the optimization for search engines. Search engines take into consideration different factors to define how to place an Internet site in their Search Results: the speed of the site, its interaction with social networks, its "readability" (see for example the "mobile- friendly "that Google applies to Internet sites displayed by mobile devices), the site-map and the quality of content are just some of the factors taken into consideration for search engine SEO.


How to start to make good SEO? First of all, we need to develop a strategy of dissemination of quality content, original and written for the user with a careful choice of keywords that also rewards the so-called long tail keywords. A good SEO content is a good starting point for optimizing a website for search engines, especially for those websites with an editorial nature that aim to spread news, information and insights to search engines and social networks.

Once the contents have been developed, the Webmaster must engineer the site map, thinking about the user's navigation, and not just making a "nice site". An Internet site is easily optimized on search engines if it is designed for fast, intuitive and safe browsing. See, for example, that among the best Internet sites that have applied updated SEO techniques, there is a good majority of Internet sites with simple graphics and fast navigation, both on desktop computers and mobile (SEO on Google for mobile phones and Tablet). Security is another factor in positioning an Internet site on Google: over time, search engines have taken important measures to penalize those Internet sites that put the user's navigation at risk and are vulnerable to cyber attacks that put confidential data and information at risk.

To do SEO every security measure must be defined in the respective protocols (https, secure server, web page script). How to know if Google and other search engines are rewarding or penalizing our website? Official systems are adopted that Webmasters use to dialogue with Google and other search engines, to receive "feedback" about their website and make evaluations to improve SEO and respond in the best way to what is required in the Guides for Webmasters. If you want to learn more, sign up for our Online SEO Course

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