Relax4Me is a successful internet company that offers clothing store management programs in the cloud. Relax4Me's cloud management software is called Relax Plus and integrates with online shop and ecommerce for the complete management of clothing, fashion and footwear online stores. The Relax Plus clothing store program synchronizes inventory between the physical clothing store and its online shop. The Relax Plus management software works with Prestashop and Woocommerce and allows you to configure the network of users and system administrators. The Relax Plus shop software management modules govern inventory, catalogue of the products, navigation categories and sales promotions. Relax Plus is an innovative clothing store management program, 100% based on the Web, dedicated to the retail world, which allows you to manage and control the activity of the Retailer in real time, at any time, and in any location, provided you have a simple internet connection.

The software

The Relax Plus Software offers a design in step with IT progress, based on Cloud Computing technology, this allows a wide flexibility and a wide use of cross-platform systems, such as Smartphones and Tablets; compatible with Windows and / or Apple operating systems.

Relax Plus is a management software for shops that is easy to use, thanks to a user interface designed specifically for those who have never used a management software for a clothing store and also for those who run a business and need extensive sales statistics , sell-out with more in-depth checks and checks. The Relax Plus developed program allows the management of single boutiques, concept stores, temporary stores and structured chain stores in areas of competence, such as back-office, logistics and sales. The software provides the program for the management of the warehouse, of multi warehouse using the function of transfers of products / items with delivery note, from a sales point to the other point of sale, connected to the Relax Plus plan.

The Relax Plus solution in Cloud, includes over 100 native functions, including the warehouse management function, which facilitates the work of commercial activities, belonging to the commercial sectors such as: Footwear, Underwear, Sports, Accessories, Jewelry, etc.

Relax Plus provides the Management of the Sales Counter both with the keyboard and with the use of the Barcode reader, with the possibility of managing the Customer's Change of Goods, and issuing the Courtesy Press, to retain the new customer through the Fidelity Card, to be able to check stock availability, to create a Balance Rule for the promotional periods of the year. Relax Plus is a software solution that manages the Size and Color, being able to formulate the Purchase Orders of the collections to the suppliers and / or to make direct loads in the warehouse for the order of the Pronto Moda. The Relax Plus software is a warehouse cloud management software, which allows you to manage Passive Billing by generating a payment schedule; through an additional module the software has the Customer's Active Billing, generating the Deferred Sale Invoice, the Accompanying Sale Invoice and the Credit Note, with the management of the Price Lists, the Sales Statistics and the Export in XML format. In the internal navigation menu of the back-office, various statistics are displayed that explode the sales values, Sell-Out, Sales by Operator, Supplier, Brand, specific Shop or all stores connected to the Relax floor.

Relax Plus also allows you to sell your products all over the world through the online shop, it is a software for stores that want to expand and expand their sales market both nationally and internationally. This is made possible through native plugins that interface directly and bi-directionally with the most important E-Commerce platforms such as the WordPress Prestashop and WooCommerce platforms, combining the Physical Point of Sale (OFF-LINE) with its own Virtual Point of Sale (ON-LINE). In fact, Relax Plus has developed Plug-ins that allow you to interface with the WooCommerce platform, through the Relax Bridge Module. This form reads and periodically updates the two platforms and saves the information in the WooCommerce product sheet. The Relax Bridge module in detail, reads the List of articles to be published, including the Size and Colors, the Availability of 1 Shop / Warehouse and / or All Shops / Warehouses connected to it.

On the Management Products page for Relax Plus clothing stores, the information for the Online Shop can be entered, with the specific Product Name, the Extended Product Description, the Product Code, the List Price, the Brand or the Griffe , the brand, the Classification of the Goods in the Product that is imported into the categories (Men, Women, etc ...), the Classification of the Product Family that is imported into the categories (Dresses, Skirt, etc ...), the Classification of the Season that is also imported in the categories (Summer, Spring, etc ...) and the Classification of the Line that is imported in the categories (Classic, Elegant, etc ...)

As with Woocommerce, the Relax Bridge Plugin for Prestashop also interfaces bi-directionally and can manage one or more sites simultaneously. Relax Bridge updates Stock Inventory, Product Catalog, Navigation Categories and promotions. The Relax Plus software in Cloud, in addition to being integrated with the online shop of Prestashop and WooCommerce E-Commerce platforms, can expand the online sales channel with Multichannel Management. Multichannel Management allows you to integrate everything that comes from the main platform and synchronizes all the changes that occur on the products, automatically updating them on all Market Place and Price Comparator channels, such as: Amazon, Ebay, Spartoo, Privalia, EPrice, Kelkoo, Find Prices, Stileo, etc. 

The Relax Plus Store Management Software is a clothing store management software aligned with the new Regulation that came into force on 25 May 2018 on the EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), thus ensuring that all features regarding privacy and security are updated. Relax Plus is a software that can be rented and the Customer according to his commercial needs, can choose different products between the Store profile, the Manager profile, the Retail Manager profile, the Office profile and the Pos profile. With the activation of Relax Plus, there is no initial installation cost and no cost for any data imports, which come from another management; furthermore, the Customer who chooses Relax Plus has Free Start-up and Training, with constant and daily Assistance at your disposal, through Online Chat, e-mail, telephone contact and / or remote connection from a PC. By activating Relax Plus the software in Cloud, the updates of the Datacenter in cloud and the Data and backups are secured on the server, and the Customer has no additional costs for these services. Access the site to access all the information on the software.

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