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Google AdWords

Syrus Industry has been consulting Google Adwords since 2004. We manage campaigns for hundreds of clients and institutions both locally and internationally.

We can count on a team of Adwords consultants specialized in every sector, certified and continually updated on all the platform news.

Among the best Google agencies in Italy there is Syrus Industry, a Google Partner agency that has passed all Google certification exams and offers consultations for the purchase and management of advertisements with Google Adwords certification (Google Ads) and Google Suite products for companies, freelancers and publishers such as Google Analytics, Google Gmail, Google Documents, Google Polls, Google Drive, Google My Business, Google Adsense, Youtube. Syrus accesses Google premium products for companies including all cross-platform commercial promotion services offered by Google and also deals with indexing sites to be first on Google. With Syrus you can understand how to use Google Analytics, G Suite, Google Adwords and Google Adsense, you can do web marketing on Google and access a series of paid Google services like publishing an Android app for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, upload and develop an app on Google Play, publish on Google Play, run Google Adwords campaigns, sell on Google Shopping, use Google Analytics for apps and websites through a personal Google account (log in and start using Google Analytics for Wordpress, for Prestashop and other customized websites), use Google Maps and program with Google to get out on Google Maps first and add your company or website on Google Maps. Since 2004 Syrus Industry sells and manages Google products and services for individuals, freelancers and companies. You can contact Syrus to find out how Google Ads (Google Adwords) work, learn about the importance of a tool like Google Search Console, know how to optimize campaigns with Google Optimize, access Google company certifications and receive useful information on what it is and how much does Google Ads cost? Being first on Google with Google Ads advertising by accessing Google services for the placement of advertisements on the search engine is possible through the management of Google projects for companies.

*** On Google Ads the pay per click purchase strategy is used, the customer only pays traffic generated by the presence of advertisements on the google search engine or on the content sites network, the traffic is transmitted on a landing page or on another digital property of the advertiser.

Google Partner

Only the best web agency Google Partner of Italy can allow you to enter Google using the search engine and tools for developers and Webmasters. A Google Adwords advisor in Rome lets you know how Google Ads works and receive a Google ad management strategy in ad groups and ads on Google, to advertise on the search engine. The Google Adwords consultancy prices for advertisements on Google change based on management costs and other factors defined by market competition. You can advertise on Google Ads to sell on Google and get an overview of Google products for companies. With Syrus, you solve problems on Google regarding your company's positioning, Adsense account management, how to optimize the performance of Google Ads campaigns, receive assistance for Google Ads. Through the Google Adsense display network, you can publish Google Ads to receive visits to your website, sell a product or a service, record data and other information useful for your web marketing activities on Google. A Google Partner agency allows you to advertise Google associated with the search, creating and optimizing Google ads, recommending Google Ads cost planning and developing a strategy on ad keywords. Google advertising for mobile devices allows you to get in touch with potential customers and advertise on mobile phones with Google via HTML5 ads, illustrated ads, videos and text ads. Google video advertising for Youtube and for the search engine is optimized in Google Ads campaigns and distributed in ads and ad groups. You can advertise on Google with the best Google Partner agency in Italy and sell on Google by publishing products on Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping campaigns. You can reach potential customers, improve visibility to go first on Google and create visual ads on Google Ads through Google advertising for displays that reach 2 million websites and 650,000 applications.

Google Suite

With Syrus you can access Google products for companies like Gmail Google Suite, Google Documents, Google Drive, Google Calendar, through Google packages for business and commercial activities. Entering your company on Google means placing it on the search engine and also registering it with Google products for the business sector.

By accessing Google services, you discover how a Google product works and you can find information on costs and prices Google Ads (also Google Adwords Express), Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Gmail, Google Play and Google Suite. With a Google Partner agency in Rome, Milan and Italy, you can set up your Google Ads advertising account, manage your campaign budget (track and optimize Google Adwords ad conversions), Create an Adwords campaign on Google and monitor your results from the search engine, use Google Admob ads.

Target advertisements on Google include the adoption of best practices and the identification of keywords: how to choose keywords on Google Ads is the task of the Google Partner agency, which identifies and plans the keywords to be included in Google ads. The Google Ads keyword tool allows you to identify and analyze ads to be placed on Google by defining costs, ad text and how to choose keywords.

The best Google Partner agency tells you how to advertise on Google and which keywords to use for ads to place on Google Ads. If you are a publisher, you can make money with Google through Google Adsense and understand what it is, how it works and how much you earn by placing Google ad banners on your website. You can optimize your website by building the sitemap as required in the Google Webmaster Guides, optimize the editorial site for Google and design a series of actions on Google, such as applying for Google News or applying Google best practices for Websites.


Syrus Industry is one of the successful cases among Google Partner agencies in Italy. In November 2018 the EGEA publishing house published the book "G Factor. Stories of Italian companies growing with Google ”, included in the“ Culture of Business ”series and written by the Professor of the Bocconi University of Milan Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, by the Google Public Policy Manager Diego Ciulli and by the essayist and storyteller Giampaolo Colletti. Within the Syrus Industry book is described as one of the first Italian companies to have designed and developed strategies for digital innovation with the help of Google products.


Google Adwords, renamed in recent months Google Ads, is the most complete and effective platform for the promotion of its brand thanks to the many tools it offers its users:

  • Search engine advertising 
  • advertising on Youtube, Mobile Applications
  • Display advertising on the Google network
  • advertising on Maps
  • retargeting
  • google search console


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