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Digital Chain is a publishing company that deals with designing and developing journalistic activities and online editorial content. You can contact Digital Chain to publish and distribute a book (for example, Crowdfunding and Self-Sustainability or a magazine, create an online press office, a personal or corporate blog, open an online journal, hire a copywriter or digital pr, do business of online article marketing, building an online newsroom for your site and writing SEO content optimized for the search engine. We also deal with Gamification projects. The Digital Chain media center allows you to plan publications of sponsored articles on national newspapers and industry websites, schedule interviews and in-depth coverage on radio, on TV, or participate in national advertising campaigns. With Syrus and Digital Chain you can access quality online publishing services for companies and freelancers.

Writing and disseminating sponsored articles for link building, SEO writing for websites and online press office is one of Digital Chain's strengths. In a world where business communication is everything, having an online press office is essential. Only a good online press expert, expert and able to give advice on how and when to communicate in the right way, can advise the company or the individual, on when and how to communicate. A good press office is usually composed of two or more people who, based on who and what should be communicated, have specific skills and abilities. At the base of a good online press office is the ability to write and communicate, through every medium, and to capture the most interesting moments and ideas. Often, only press office work is not enough, and it is necessary to contact an editorial service agency. These are valid and useful agencies such as the press offices for companies that carry out a complementary work. In the field of communication and marketing for companies, there are many article marketing strategies for creating appropriate content to promote a company, a product, a person, an event, which will have to find their position online. The best article marketing sites are able to quickly generate traffic to the reference website, which can manage online reputation and help increase link popularity, and site reliability. Article marketing is one of the major publishing services for authors and is widely used also in the field of digital publishing. It is also a useful strategy for creating blogs for companies. Often, a company decides to communicate not only through its institutional website, but also through a series of blogs for companies, very useful for creating parallel communication channels. Even more effective, especially in the case of the launch of an innovative product or a new brand, is to use guest posts on the reference blog. It's about inviting bloggers to write on their blog to increase their popularity. A technique that bloggers use to increase their prestige from a professional point of view, that even companies can adopt this technique for the launch of a particular product or some exclusive news. 

However, the work of an editorial service agency such as Digital Chain does not stop there. Publishing services can include press releases, pre-packaged pages for newspapers, photo shoots, but also the possibility of editing a book and creating a company magazine. For example, a publisher may decide to create editorial content and have it packaged by an agency specializing in editorial services. A graphics agency can package magazines as soon as it receives the images and texts to be inserted inside. You can request editorial services as video services already packaged based on the company you want to promote or the event you want to advertise.


It is possible to write a successful book and publish it online: it is the dream of many people, but it is difficult, today more than ever, to make a book. Many people wonder how to start writing a book and how to do it in the best way, and often they look for online advice, models and ideas to start writing a book. A real author should already know if his idea will be a winner, and can rely on the advice of reliable colleagues or editors. There are many emerging authors, for example, who decide to write an autobiographical book and publish it online. The most widely used technique is self publishing, practically self-publishing, which is very useful for promoting itself at no cost. The collaboration between Syrus and Digital Chain allows you to access a service of writing and spreading your book both online and offline. Syrus Industry has taken up this challenge and today counts the publication of online books made through digital platforms and regularly put up for sale thanks to the distribution of large players, such as Amazon. We also publish digital magazines and printed magazines, focusing strongly on the online-offline hybrid solution. In fact, printing a company magazine is a great tool to make brands and retain customers. Make successful web communication with Digital Chain.

Communicate simply, quickly and effectively to always be at the center of digital information. Being able to send your message in a clear and consistent manner. It is the goal of anyone who decides to communicate on the web but not only. In this context, it becomes essential to rely on trained professionals who are always in step with the times. The profession of online press officer, for example, and in recent years has had a certain evolution, thanks to the new forms of communication that have developed. Given the multiplicity of forms and communication channels, the press officer often decides to be supported by one or more people, building a team with specific skills and abilities. In this way a communication agency can be born, which today offers multiple services and opportunities, ranging from content for your blog to the design of a digital publishing plan.

A web communication agency such as Digital Chain allows you to do a complete job, ranging from writing press releases to organizing events. It is not just a matter of press office work, but of a series of related and fundamental services in the field of web communication. In a historical moment in which digital communication is the protagonist, if we want to distinguish ourselves, information and communication via web must be done in a professional manner. Making online communication allows you to travel on multiple parallel worlds that need specific knowledge, because they communicate through different languages. From newsletters to social networks, from traditional press releases to live events, everything can be communicated via the web, done in the right way. The press offices, today, are dedicated to online communication and through influencer marketing platforms, offer support in the management of these new forms of communication. When deciding to make online communication for companies, businesses, celebrities, politics, it is necessary to have multiple professional figures able to cover more method of communication, and decide to communicate through which method and with which language. In this way, if on one hand the press office takes care of the editing, the press review and press releases, in other one, the best marketing and communication agencies in Italy, are dedicated to all-round communication, defining the characteristics of the customer and the user, preparing events, interviews, press notes, posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, advertising and promotional material. The digital chain accesses Syrus's IT tools to govern the online activity of web communication. In all cases, are always professionalism and competence, even to create a "simple" post to launch on Facebook or a content for your blog. Those approaching social media for the first time may think that writing a post is the easiest thing in the world: just accompany it with a nice image and send it on the net. In reality, to create content for social networks, professionals, copywriters and journalists are needed who have specialized in the creation of these texts, images, videos, created specifically for social networks.

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