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Cyber Lex is a company founded in 2016 in Syrus Industry in collaboration with lawyers specialized in the field of privacy and digital rights. The company is composed of IT technical professionals, certified Webmasters, lawyers, researchers and developers of new strategies for defending the rights of people and companies on the Internet. Cyber Lex mixes the legal procedures with the IT procedures to offer a restructuring of your digital identity and defend you from the bad reputation on the web: through reputation-engineering projects developed and managed by Cyber Lex, you will be able to remove personal information from the internet, de-index URLs containing web pages to be deleted from search results, remove negative content from the Internet and delete news reports from search engines for searches related to your name. 

With Cyber Lex you can remove negative content from Google, Bing, Yahoo! and eliminate personal information under the laws in force concerning the right to be forgotten and the regulations for Webmasters. You can remove URLs from search engines by relying on the Cyber Lex Webmasters, who will adopt the procedures required by the regulations published by the respective internet service providers. The company cooperates with the relevant authorities and with the reference internet service providers to remove explicit sex videos and images disseminated without authorization (revenge porn) and to combat the crimes of digital identity theft, cyber bullying and copyright infringement. Cyber Lex protects your web reputation on search engines through IT, legal and editorial work. The web reputation provides for the cancellation of negative content and personal information from the Internet, the restructuring of the digital identity through an associated procedure of data removal and optimization of new updated information.The legal area of Cyber Lex promotes judgments in civil and criminal proceedings against those responsible who have disclosed personal data without your reputation or have published malicious and inaccurate content. Through the services offered by Cyber Lex you can remove links from Google search results, optimize the web pages you want and protect your name or that of your company from a bad reputation on the web. Cyber Lex also remove fake information, negative reviews, duplicate content without permission. Cyber Lex's IT and legal staff uses browser applications produced specifically to identify URLs to be removed from search results and to save web pages to be removed through right to be forgotten (GDPR) procedures. The deletion of personal information from the Internet is subject to European procedures and to the regulations in force concerning privacy on search engines. Cyber Lex has legal and operational offices in Rome and London and other offices also in Milan, Valencia and Cannes. You can contact Cyber Lex to remove unwanted or obsolete news stories from Google and to search lawyers expert in right to be forgotten who can help you remove personal information from the Internet.

you have problems with the management of your personal data on search engines, you want to remove news from the internet (delete obsolete news, inaccurate news, unwanted news), you want to remove web pages containing your personal information from the search results or you want to submit a request to remove search results under the European legislation on the right to oblivion (General Data Protection Regulation).

Cyber Lex does not only take care of removing links from search engines but also of blocking data processing and making your personal data disappear from the web. Cyber Lex will carry out a careful analysis of your situation thanks to the help of Webmasters and lawyers specialized in the right to be forgotten and in corporate and personal web reputation on search engines. Lawyer Domenico Bianculli in Rome is in charge of the Cyber Lex Legal Area. 

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